Priscilla Ono X Eloquii

Hi babes!

Last week, my prayers to the fashion gods were answered when a new collaboration by celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono (Fenty Beauty’s Global Makeup Artist AND Rihanna’s personal MUA!) and plus-size fashion mega-brand Eloquii dropped. It’s the first time a major plus-size brand collaborated with a makeup artist to create a collection, and a unique touch of Ono’s expertise is apparent in every single piece of the line. My favorite, of course, is the utility belt that holds a cell phone, a makeup compact, and your favorite lipstick.

What I love most about this collection is how much it pushes the existing boundaries of plus-size fashion (not that there should be any!) For so long, only straight-size bodies were able to find runway-inspired fashion on the racks. It’s long been a pet peeve of mine that the fashion industry assumes that all plus-size women are looking for clothing with comfort and flattery in mind. THAT’S 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 ME! Priscilla Ono X Eloquii pushes all those boundaries the heck out of the way and serves us neon, bold, daring, sexy, sophisticated looks on a silver platter!

The collection features 12 gorgeously vibrant pieces available in sizes 14 through 28. I styled 5 of the pieces for your viewing pleasure! 😇 I felt so seen & included when I tried on the various pieces from this collection! I hope you love it too so we can have a NEON MOMENT together!

Look 1: A Raspberry Moment




 Sheer Bodysuit with Underwire | Sheer Moto Jacket | Belted Palazzo Pant

Look # 2: Tangerine Dreams




Belted Cargo Dress | Makeup Holder Belt Bag

Thank you, Priscilla Ono and Eloquii for believing that the plus-size body doesn’t need to be hidden away, but celebrated. What better way to celebrate than a brazenly inclusive, trendsetting collection like this one? The Priscilla Ono x Eloquii collection is available online and in stores now!


Photos by the incredible Jen Jean-Pierre.

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